It is the responsibility of organiser's employees, contractors and exhibitors to:

  • Comply with these guidelines, the organiser's health and safety policy and local relevant law regarding health and safety;
  • Safeguard the health and safety of themselves and others who may be affected by their acts or omissions;
  • Seek advice where there is any doubt regarding the correct action to take or the standard required;
  • Comply with the reasonable requests of the organiser's appointed health and safety staff and floor managers or any other health and safety official.

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These guidelines represent a suggested minimum standard to which the organiser aspires in connection with running an event / exhibition. This document does not represent the law in any particular country, nor are they representative of a venue's regulations. It is for guidance only and use is at your own risk.

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It is the responsibility of every organiser's employee, contractor and exhibitor to ensure that it safeguards health and safety and to comply with all applicable health and safety laws and the venue's own regulations.

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